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01Declaration of Global Vision Education

Upon the full recognition of the globalization of this world through which we are all becoming one community, transcending ideological, racial, and cultural differences, we declare the realization of the Global Vision Education, raising global leaders who will promote peace on the Korean peninsula as well as promote the prosperity of all mankind. We hereby declare the following principles:
We will do our best to contribute to the education in Korea through cultivating and valuing individual students' potentials and differences, not promoting competition and rank. Instead, it is our purpose to raise creative, gifted leaders fit for the global world.
We will do our best to cultivate global leaders with excellent linguistic skills and cultural experiences who will strive to promote peace on this earth through various international interchanges and collaborative efforts. We will strive to change self-centered students driven to employ any means to achieve their own success into caring individuals who value the happiness of others.
We will do our best to cultivate global leaders with compassion and integrity who serve the global community beyond racial, cultural and religious boundaries. We will do this by helping them recognize their ultimate purpose of life, following after the life of Jesus Christ, the symbol of true sacrifice, love, and salvation for humanity.
We will do our best to cultivate global leaders who will advance the existing features of various nations and who are able to contribute to and provide services for various advancing industries. We will also help and support the socially and economically weak and spread the Gospel.